build your house in australia

You want to build your own house in Australia.

Building a house should be easy, right?  Well yes, it should be easy, but there are so many steps needed before a builder can start the actual build that it can become a stressful and challenging process.

There are three main ways to consider when deciding how you want to build your house in Australia: 

  1. Act as an Owner/Builder – not for the faint-hearted!
  2. Contract direct with a builder after seeing one of their display homes
  3. Use a professional consultant who can guide you from the first sketch to the hand over 

The best idea?  Use a professional consultant.  Why? Because they know what needs to be done and will co-ordinate everything for you so that you don’t come up against unexpected hold ups.

Sure, you believe that going direct with a builder should mean that they will deal with all these issues, but that’s not always the case.  The fact is, you don’t get to “shop around” and make sure that the design you’ve decided on is priced the best it can be.  Builder’s designs and plans are copyrighted, so you can’t take them to other builders for pricing. 

That’s why it’s important to choose the builder wisely when you make the decision to build your house.

That’s the beauty of using a home building consultant.  If you’ve got an idea of what the style and layout of your house is – even if it’s just a sketch on a scrap piece of paper (or you could check our design app to choose one of our core designs) – a professional consultant can get the ball rolling for you by having a concept plan drawn up to ensure the design is exactly what you’re after.  They will then organise all the documentation needed – site inspections, geotechnical and soil tests, engineering and construction drawings, council and private certifier documentation, etc.  All the things you need to have before the builder can start to build your home.

Once all these documents have been received, the consultant can organise for several builders to quote on the construction of your new home.  This means that you get to choose the builder that suits you, whether that is based on the price or the experience of the builder, or even the time frame.  

You get to deal with one person, rather than trying to keep up with multiple service providers, so will always know at what stage everything is at.

Drake Home Consultants can provide this service for you.  It is a complimentary home building service and will give you the best chance of having your new home built with the least amount of stress, delays and unexpected extra costs. 

Have a look at our website – www.drakehomeconsultants.com.au – and make contact if your dream is to build your house in Australia.  We’ll be happy to give you all the information you need.