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Builders on the Sunshine Coast are busy: how to skip the queue

Builders in Sunshine Coast are buys: what can you do to give yourself the best chance of getting your new home built within a reasonable time and at a good price?

I doubt there are many people who aren’t aware of the current problems within the building industry, regardless of whether they’re looking to buy or build.

There are plenty of stories of material shortages and cost blow outs, along with time line blowouts on delivery of frames and trusses and the overall build time.

There are a lot of reasons these issues have arisen – shortages of timber due to worldwide bushfires and ramped up building activity; the uptake of programmes like the HomeBuilder grant which gave new buyers a financial boost to build a new home; or the Covid 19 pandemic which has affected so many supply chains.  Whatever the reason/s, the fact remains that builders are in high demand and costs are getting higher.  Simple maths of supply and demand.


So how can you make this situation work for you?  What can you do to give yourself the best chance of getting your new home built within a reasonable time and at a good price?


There is one really good way, and you may not have considered it or even known it exists.  So what is it?  Use a building broker service!  By using a building broker, such as Drake Home Consultants, you can put yourself ahead of the queue when it comes to getting your home built.  So how does this work?


There are obviously a number of ways of getting your home built.  You may have seen the land in a new development and found a display home that you like and sign up with the builder for a house & land package.  Or you might know of a builder through family, friends or contacts and you decided to build with them based on their reputation.  There’s nothing wrong with these options, but the main thing that’s missing is competition.  Plans provided by builders are copyright to them and it’s illegal to shop them around to other builders.  And when you sign up with a builder at the beginning, you lose the opportunity of ensuring the most competitive quote.  


There is a better way.


Your building broker will work with you right from the beginning.  Once you have your land, the broker will sit down with you to determine your needs and wants as well as your budget, and will then set up a plan to organise all the steps that need to be completed prior to getting building approval.  


The first step is having the plans drawn up.  This is the fun part where you get to see your ideas start coming to life.  You’ve probably got a bit of an idea of the layout you want, and may even have a sketch that you’ve done.  But regardless, the broker will organise to get quotes from qualified Building Designers for the drawing up of the initial concept plan followed by the working drawings that will be required.  You choose the most suitable Building Designer based on the quotes received (or more will be sourced if none are suitable), and then the successful designer will work with you to come up with the perfect design to fit on your block and within your budget.


Once you’ve signed off on the design, the broker will organise further quotes – this time for the Structural Engineer and the Private Certifier.  These two service providers work side by side to ensure that all government regulations and conditions are adhered to and that the build will be structurally sound.  They organise geotechnical reports, make assessments for bushfire and slope stability as well as energy efficiency reports.  A Town Planner may be needed too, depending on the site and the house to be built.  Finally, once everything is in place, the certifier will issue building approval pending the appointment of a Builder and the signing of a Building Contract.  Again, a number of these service providers are asked to quote for the work which you, as the client, will be able to use to determine the most suitable option.  


As you can see, the procedure so far has provided a number of opportunities for competition between the service providers.  This ensures that you are getting the best chance of a competitive price.  And if you’re not happy with the quotes provided, then the broker will source more if appropriate.


After all this is in place – including making all the other design choices such as colours, appliances, flooring, fixtures and fittings, etc – the most important part of the process is to appoint a Builder to build your new home.  This is where “jumping the queue” comes in.  You aren’t fronting up to a builder and expecting him to do all the preliminary work.  By using a building broker, all these steps have already been done before a builder is even approached.  A number of suitably qualified and vetted builders, licenced to build in your area and familiar and experienced with the style of home you’re looking to build, will be asked to quote on your project and will be provided with all the information, documentation and approvals that have been sourced.  This is a huge amount of work that they, the Builders, don’t have to do prior to getting started with the actual business of construction.


Usually 3 builders will be asked to quote, but this can be more if necessary.  Once all the quotes have been received, you then make your choice from these builders and this may be based on the quoted price, the time frame or anything else that you deem important in making your decision.  The builders know that they are quoting against at least 2 other builders and they also know that everything is in place ready to start if they are successful in their quote.


So if they are the successful Builder, they are then in a position to commence the build immediately rather than having to wait on things like soil tests and engineering reports.  If the builder has other jobs still working their way through this procedural timeline, then your job would automatically go to the head of the queue.  They can also order all their materials immediately, hopefully minimising the time before actual construction can start and locking in prices before further price increases.


How much does it cost to use a home building broker?  It actually costs you, the client, nothing.  We are paid by the successful builder.  Does that mean you pay more because the builder has to include the broker’s fee?  No.  Because the amount of work done prior to him starting the job is significant and this means that he has saved time and therefore money – savings that are passed on to you.  You pay no more, and we believe you would pay less, by using the services of a building broker such as Drake Home Consultants.  We work for you, the client, and are independent of the service providers and builders that we utilise.  Certainly we have a number of service providers that are used frequently, because they’ve been found to be reliable and competitive as well as good at what they do.  But you, the client, are always in control.


We think this is the best way to build your new home.  Why not give us a call and schedule a no-cost and obligation-free meeting with us at our Maroochydore office so we can explain the process further and show you how you can save the most money when building your new home.


Drake Home Consultants – give us a call on 1300 711 985 or email enquiries@drakehomeconsultants.com.au.

Drake Home Consultants  is a complimentary home building service and will give you the best chance of having your new home built with the least amount of stress, delays and unexpected extra costs. Master builders since 1959. 60 years of building experience at your service to realise the dream of building your home.

Drake Home Consultants can provide this service for you.

Have a look at our website – www.drakehomeconsultants.com.au – and make contact if your dream is to build your house in Australia.  We’ll be happy to give you all the information you need.

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