Builder sunshine coast

It’s a big decision, isn’t it, trying to choose a builder to build your new home?  It’s not something you want to get wrong as the consequences could affect you for years to come.

Are they licenced?  How long have they been in business?  Have they experience in building the type of home you’re wanting?  Will you pay too much?

Choose the right builder to build your homeThese are some of the questions you need to ask before you make that all important decision.

One of the most common ways of choosing a builder is by looking through display homes.  You find a design and layout you like and feel that the finishes are up to the standard you’re wanting.  You speak to one of their salespeople and, assuming you’re happy with everything, you sign up with them.  They may even help you with obtaining all the pre-build documents and approvals you’ll need.

Of course word of mouth recommendations by family, friends or even social media are also a good way of narrowing down the choice.

But the downside of this is that you don’t get to compare prices with other builders as their designs are copyrighted to them, and there are hefty penalties if a builder uses another builder’s design.

But I wonder if you’ve considered the idea of using a consultant to do the leg work?  I’m sure you’re well aware of how a finance broker works.  They have access to a range of finance providers and will essentially “shop” your requirements to their lending providers and come back to you with the best options for your budget.

Build your home- Drake home consultants Drake Home Consultants can do the same thing with builders. 

We assist you by leading you through the process of finalising and drawing up the plans of your design as well as gaining all the approvals, searches and documents needed prior to the actual construction. 

Once all that leg work has been done, we provide all this information to a number of vetted and experienced builders who will then tender for your work.  They all receive the same information so you know that when you get the final pricing you’re comparing “apples with apples”.  

This process also provides a win for the builder as they are presented with everything ready to go, saving them time and obviously money, savings that can be passed on to you.

So, if you’re thinking seriously of building in the near future, and know your budget, why not contact us to see how we can assist you.  Take a look at our website, email us at admin@drakehomeconsultants.com.au or leave a message on 1300 711 985.  We’ll be happy to explain our process and hope that we’ll be able to assist you to make the dream of your new home a reality.