Realistically, to choose the right block of land to build your own home you have to think about what suits your lifestyle and budget. 

Sounds obvious we suppose, but making sure everything stacks up for you takes a bit of research.

Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration when it comes to choose the right lot of land to build your house



Probably the first thing that you need to consider, along with the amenities the area does (or doesn’t) have. 

Do you have children and need a school nearby, orperhaps you’re a bit older and would like to be close to a hospital or other medical facilities? 

Do you need public transport (bus or train) or like to be close to recreational facilities? 


What you should look for:

  1. Public transport
  2. Schools
  3. Shopping and entertainment precincts
  4. Parks and recreational centre
  5. Potential views

Find out what zoning or development codes the council or shire has for the block. The zoning of each property guide us towards the type of development allowed on that lot of land. If you’re buying land in a new estate, check what restrictions the developer may have included on the block.

Does the land you’re considering have any restrictions on the style or size of home you want to build?  Many areas have design covenants, meaning that any house you build must meet certain design and style constraints (not ideal if you’ve got your heart set on an uber-modern minimalist home and the requirement is for a Hamptons-style) and others might have a requirement to build a certain size of house which might not fit with your budget.


An easement is a section of your land that someone else has rights to use – like a shared carpark or a shared driveway for example.   There are also statutory easements, which include telephone poles and underground pipes. You cannot deny easement rights holders access to these areas of your property, or build over the easements without consent from the council.


What about the aspect or orientation of the land?  Do you want to be able to site your house to take advantage of views, sunlight or shade?  The eco-friendly attributes of your house will make it a much nicer place to live, and the right block and aspect can contribute to the success or otherwise of this.

These are important lifestyle decisions.

  • What type of house do you want? 
  • Are you looking at a sprawling family home or a small bungalow? 
  • Are you thinking of a duplex or a 2-storey home?  Do you want a pool? 

The style and size of home you’re wanting to build will dictate the size of the block of land. 

No use looking at a small block in a high-density area and expecting to be able to build a big home with a big back yard.

Consider whether you are comfortable with a slope on the land or prefer a level block. 

A sloping block might be a cheaper option up front, but keep in mind that you will no doubt need to allow for cutting and/or filling. 

These sorts of earthworks, along with retaining walls, can cost a lot of extra money.  Of course, you could utilise the slope to allow car accommodation or a workshop/office to be built underneath the house.

If you are looking for the right lot of land with intention to build your home, don’t hesitate to seek for experts’ advices.

Drake Home Consultants operates as land buyer’s agent with no-cost to you.

Another way of helping you narrow down your choices is having a concept plan drawn up by a building designer. 

This is something Drake Home Professional Building Consultants can arrange as we have several designers who can help you plan the style of home you have in mind.

Our professional home consultants, who are experienced builders themselves, are at your disposal to guide and/or assist you in design and pricing.

Drake Home Professional Building Consultants

We are here to help you with our complimentary consulting service, so feel free to contact us on 1300 711 985 or email us at admin@drakehomeconsultants.com.au.

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