Making the decision to relocate and build your dream home on the Sunshine Coast will change your life for the better.

When we consider all the positive reasons such as climate, affordability, lifestyle and nature, most people wonder why they didn’t make the move sooner.

Firstly, let’s talk about our weather. Summertime is beach and BBQ weather and family and friends gather to unwind from work and routines of life. This in itself will change your life as you can relax and refresh outside for most of the year. Autumn and Spring are perfect months to do this also. Even in mid-winter, the Sunshine Coast offers perfect temperatures from 15 degrees at nights to 25-28 daytime temps. You won’t need to bring many winter woollies to our beautiful state as the chill factor is only for a brief period of time and typically late at night and early mornings, however, the sunrise and sunsets are worth witnessing with an extra layer of clothing on. 

Our climate allows us to continue all activities during the whole year such as sport and outdoor entertaining. In summer, the temperatures can be much hotter, so we just allow for this by doing our exercise and walks in nature earlier in the day and in the evenings. However, the choices are limitless all year round and nature is always calling us to go outside to play and enjoy the beauty of the beaches and hinterland with abundant wildlife and fresh air. 

This becomes a habit after a while so our physical and mental health is generally better because of the consistency in our exercise routines in the great outdoors. It is not uncommon to see people jogging, walking and cycling along the many purpose-built tracks and boardwalks all along the coast line which are designed and made for the specific purpose of outdoor exercise in its many forms.

There are many sports to participate in, such as soccer, rugby, AFL, cricket, bowls and netball. There are also local clubs such as bush walking, cycling to join and participate in. This is a great way to meet people if you are new to the area.

Our pristine white sandy beaches are what many tourists come to the Sunshine Coast for. The locals tend to take this for granted, but you just have to go away on a holiday to another part of the world and come home and appreciate what our beautiful state has to offer and we understand why we are one of the most popular destinations in the world. Swimming is possible all year round in our perfect climate and safe little protected coves, and surfing is possible all year round too on the surf beaches which are mostly patrolled.

Our lifestyle here on the Sunshine Coast is enviable due to the weather, but also the opportunity now, due to Covid, to work from home. This allows for work life balance and happy families are a result we can all be thankful for.

Music festivals are a common event here on the Sunshine Coast and are held outdoors and help people to mingle and unwind. These events are well attended and generally booked out in advance and give people something to look forward to once they have purchased their tickets. Other cultural events are held in the Sunshine Coast, such as Food and Wine Festivals and outdoor movie theatres set up in parks. Farmers Markets are held weekly and allow people to grow and sell their fresh produce direct to the public at reasonable prices. This means that locals and tourists can experience a regular event in their local area and support the locals.

Building on the Sunshine Coast allows you to plan a home specifically designed for our climate and way of life. Outdoor kitchens feature in many designs with bifold doors opening up onto deep timber decks doubling your outdoor living space and allowing for cool breezes throughout the home. Let Drake Home Consultants design your home specifically for our climate, lifestyle and let the relaxed way of living change your life forever here on the Sunshine Coast.

Apart from all these positive, health and well-being factors, the practical reason of money comes into the equation also. Building your own home is still affordable on the Sunshine Coast compared to the city. Real estate agents have reported a lack of listings and supply and demand is pushing house prices up to unprecedented levels. This is great for locals who have bought property here on the Sunshine Coast years before, but now that there is minimal choice of housing left for sale, why not consult with Drake Home Consultants to design your dream home. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain from relocating and refreshing your life here on the Sunshine Coast.

Working from Home is now a common topic of conversation and adds to the appeal of relocating to this area where we can have a work life balance. This has been one of the few positive outcomes of Covid where borders are constantly being closed and we are learning to live with this pandemic. Why not live and work in a sunny, healthy, happy environment and escape the stress of the city where Covid seems to run rampant and creates disruption to so many people and their livelihoods.

Therefore, many homes are now being built with this work from home concept in mind, incorporating a home office with separate entry allowing for clients to enter the office space from a separate access point. Tax is also a benefit when claiming work expenses at the end of financial year as a percentage of the home can be claimed as a working cost.

The Sunshine Coast way of life will definitely change your life forever and be a blessing for you and your family in so many positive ways. There is no doubt that you will be asking yourself what took you so long to make the move!

Drake Home Consultants  is a complimentary home building service and will give you the best chance of having your new home built with the least amount of stress, delays and unexpected extra costs. Master builders since 1959. 60 years of building experience at your service to realise the dream of building your home.

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