Try our free Home design App!  It has been specifically designed to allow you to take one of our basic Eco Smart, Eco Colonial and Eco Multi house designs and modify them to suit your individual needs by adding or moving different room modules within the design.

Ecosmart001-DrakeHomeConsultantsTake for example our popular Eco Smart 001 design

The core design is a simple 1 bedroom 1 bathroom home but, by using our free Home Design App, you can add an upper floor with two bedrooms and a bathroom, add two bedrooms and an extra bathroom to the ground floor, increase the living area, reposition the kitchen and add a shower to the ensuite to create a large family home.  



And all the designs can be mirror reversed to give so many different options.

Some of the designs have been specifically developed to suit narrow lots – perfect for inner city high density living – with some designed to fit on a block only 7m wide.

To use our free Home Design App is simple.  

  1. Log into the app at www.drakehomeconsultants.com.au/design-application and firstly choose the style of design – Eco Smart (modern lines with eco friendly adaptations), Eco Colonial (traditional cottage style) or Eco Multi (townhouse or duplex styles).
  2. Choose the number of bedrooms you need.  
  3. A slideshow of designs fitting your choices will show.
  4. Select the design that you prefer and the basic floor-plan will load along with an artist’s impression of the façade as well as a “fly around” video of the design.
  5. From the left hand panel, add or remove modules to create the floor-plan that best suits your needs and see the resulting amended design as you make the changes.
  6. Once you’re happy with the floor-plan, you can be sent a PDF of the design direct to your inbox after providing your name & email address.

Once you’ve finished, you can start the process again with a different design to give yourself some choices to work on.Homedesignapp-Drakehomeconsultants2

Of course, the Design App is just a starting point as we can arrange for a Building Designer to make any further changes or additions to the design that you’ve created using the app and incorporate them into a Concept Plan.  The Concept Plan will be used as the basis for the completed design and will eventually lead to construction drawings which your builder will use to build your new home.

The process can begin with something as simple as a basic sketch done at your kitchen table, but the free home Design App provides you with an easy and fun starting point.

Drake Home Consultants can take your design and assist you through the entire process from concept right through to obtaining tenders from experienced builders to bring your new home to life.

Our complimentary consulting service will make the entire process stress free by leading you step by step through the pre-build process of obtaining all the necessary approvals, searches and documents you will need, and save you money by allowing a number of builders to quote on the job.  You get to choose the builder that best suits you, whether that be reputation, experience or price.

If you’re thinking seriously of building your new home, give our free home Design App a try and see what you come up with.  Then contact us to see how we can assist you.