Did you ever imagine living in a smart home?

Does it living in a smart house  sound weird to you?

The truth is that a smart home can change your life forever.

Maybe you have some doubts about how a smart home can change your life, maybe you are old school and you are not considering it because you think you don’t need a smart home to make your lifestyle better.

However, it’s a matter of fact that technological advancements have made life easier.

We have already been there: Remember when your phone (with a rotating dial) sat on a bench in your home and you could only be reached if you were there when it rang? 

What about the early mobile phones, big as a suitcase and weighing a ton, that had to be professionally installed into your car and were only for making and receiving phone calls? 

That was only about 30 years ago!  The world of communication and the internet has changed dramatically since those early days and will continue to evolve and integrate into our daily lives more and more.

The “Smart Home” is one of the ways that technology is influencing and integrating into our daily lives. 

Home Security, home cleaning, garden care, grocery shopping, music, entertainment – all these things and more can be influenced by smart devices (also called IoT – internet of things).




Smart home security is a big one :  with integrated devices that connect to your phone, tablet or computer you can get instant camera access and voice communication in real time, allowing you to monitor who’s at your door, or connection with your CCTV to give you continuous monitoring from anywhere in the world.  And with smart lights and entertainment systems you can program them to turn on and off to simulate an occupied house when you’re away.

You can water your garden remotely by accessing the irrigation system or check on how much power your solar panels are generating.

Nowadays our home appliances are getting smarter. 

A smart TV will allow you to browse the internet or access streaming services, while a smart fridge can warn you when food is reaching its use by date or running low on supplies and generate a shopping list, suggest menus or allow you to browse the internet. 

Your robotic vacuum cleaner can be activated from your phone or computer and your oven can be programmed to turn on to cook your evening meal or let you know when cooking has finished.

You can set your air conditioner to turn on at a specific time or when your smart watch notifies it that you’re a certain distance from home, meaning your home is at the optimum temperature for when you arrive.

Another plus for this type of technology is the ability to minimise energy use by automatically turning off devices when not needed or in use.  Voice commands through smart assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa can be the central control point within your home and allow you to switch lights or appliances on or off, request music selections or ask for information.

Drake Home Consultants smart home


It’s hard now to remember when our internet was “dial up” (thank goodness). 

The world of technology is changing faster than we can sometimes imagine and the “Smart Home” will continue to evolve so watch this space.

When planning your home building keep in mind the option to build a smart home and talk to your Home Building Consultant about it: he will advise you in choosing home design that most fits your needs.

Have a look at hour Smart Home Design to take inspiration to build your own home.