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Drake’s donation to help researchers develop COVID-19 vaccine

Keith Drake's donation to find COVID-19 vaccine

Drake Home Consultants’ CEO  donation to help researchers develop COVID-19 vaccine or cure.

Covid-19 vaccine or cure


For every dollar that is pledged to the research foundation, they will match up to $100,000.With research and funding more important than ever to help find a vaccine or cure for COVID-19, our CEO Keith Drake and his wife Glenda have put their hands up to provide an incentive donation.

For every dollar that is pledged to the research foundation, they will match up to $100,000.

The current donations stand at over $80,000 so this will mean a great deal to the Foundation and its research.

Visit their website – RBWH Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund – to see more and maybe pledge your own donation


An excerpt from a letter received from the CEO of the RBWH Foundation:

“Dear Keith and Glenda,  

As a valuable supporter to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s (RBWH) Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund, we wanted to update you about recent changes to one of the projects supported by the Fund—the AustralaSian COVID-19 Trial (ASCOT).

ASCOT researchers received approval this week to update the clinical trials research scope. Hospitals around Australia can now start treating patients with COVID-19 with an innovative convalescent plasma treatment.

Thank you. Without your generous support this research would not be possible.

Convalescent plasma is made from the blood of recovered COVID-19 patients and has the potential to prevent hospitalised patients deteriorating to the point of needing a ventilator in the Intensive Care Unit. Patients have already been enrolled in the clinical trial and more are expected to join in coming days.

Because the ASCOT Trial is adaptive, some other changes have been made to the treatments being tested. Visit our website to read more about these changes, convalescent plasma therapy and the other projects and programs being supported by the RBWH Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund.

Once again, thank you for your kind donation. Without community support, the ASCOT trials and other RBWH COVID-19 research projects, which are being supported through the RBWH Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund, would not be possible. We look forward to sending information about the COVID-19 Research Grant projects to you in the near future.”

“RBWH research has improved the treatment of bacterial infections, not only here, but worldwide. By increasing our medical research capabilities, we can do the same for COVID-19.'”Prof. David Paterson – RBWH Consultant Infectious Diseases Physicia

RBWH Foundation has provided funding for urgent medical research projects such as COVID-19 clinical drug trials and is also raising funds for projects such as:

  • Testing medication dosages for COVID-19 patients
  • Testing a tuberculosis vaccine to protect frontline healthcare workers
  • Developing COVID-19 related superbug treatments
  • Grants supporting research in emergency medicine, infectious diseases and intensive care medicine.


The Drakes have been nominated as 2020 Community Philanthropists of the Year for not only this incredible act of generosity but for over 40 years of giving to Queensland causes