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Land + Custom house design: our service full explained

A new way to build your new home

Drake Home Consultants are here to help you with your exciting journey to build your dream home and allow it to run its course smoothly and successfully. We assist from concept to completion with the initial plan and design, right through to the building and structure, and final handover of keys and moving in.

Through all these stages, Drake Home Consultants are here to guide you with our professional expertise gained from many years in the trade. We have been in the building industry for over 60 years and know all the processes, builder’s talk and regulations that must be adhered to, to gain final council approval and certification. Obviously, there are many steps to go through before the finished home is ready to move in to. Each step must be completed in accordance with building regulations before the next step is to proceed, therefore, to avoid any delays due to mistakes, or blowing the budget due to unforeseen events, we are your security that everything goes to plan and costs are adhered to from start to finish so there are no hidden surprises.


Once you have bought your block of land, we will meet with you to discuss your plans, budget and ideas. We inspect the block with you to determine orientation, design and space. We then ask you to sign up with us and pay a bond which simply allows us to work on your behalf and commit to our service. We then get your plans from ideas in your head on to paper as working drawings, then send them out to a draftsperson to draw up professionally and create working drawings for the engineer to quote on. Once this step is also taken care of, a certifier is called upon to quote and pass with building approvals before proceeding. 

We also specify certain quality material supplies for you. This provides two benefits; the builder gets an excellent price for the materials due to the extra volume, while saving time on quoting as he receives accurate and complete details of the fittings. This saves time and therefore money and all savings are passed on to you, the client.

Another crucial stage is the inclusions and colour choices. We can assist you with the selection of tiles, paint, fixtures and fittings, etc. There are budget choices here, standard, or superior designs and materials depending on your budget and style. You may wish to save money here and renovate later, or you may decide that with the money we save you on the build by using the tender process, you can now afford to have stainless steel or brass taps, Italian marble tiles and granite bench tops, etc. 

The builders are vetted by us and only licenced, fully qualified and skilled builders experienced in your type of build are asked to quote on your job.

Drake Home Consultants introduce you to the builders, via a meeting with all of us at our head office in Maroochydore, where you can decide who you would like to build your dream home. This decision may not just come down to cost, but also time frame and ease of communication as this is also a very important factor. The builder needs to be fully approachable and accountable and willing to answer all questions and be obliging, transparent and professional. We only have suitable builders on our books who meet all these criteria so you can be assured that you are only getting the best in the building business. Remember, you select the builder. We just supply you with details of the vetted builders who can build your style of home. The decision is yours and you remain in complete control with all decisions to be made.

Now that the rapport is built up between you and your chosen builder, the all-important contract is signed and titled a Fixed Contract. This is when the price is confirmed and agreed upon by all parties and there are no hidden surprises in store. A start date is determined and a time frame is agreed upon, as this can affect your budget also, especially if you are renting elsewhere in the meantime.

There are many other trades to co-ordinate such as the concreter, carpenter, bricklayer, plumber, electrician, cladding contractor, roofer, plasterer, waterproofer, tiler, cabinetmaker, painter, etc……

It is imperative that all these trades flow one after the other and the whole process is streamlined from the very start. Any delays or crossovers with these contractors can lead be costly and worse still, the budget being blown out. By using an expert broker such as Drake Home Consultants, these problems can be avoided and the budget adhered to.

The building starts and is well underway with the foundations, either slab or pole home. The builder is in charge and communicates with feed back daily and is there to answer all questions and offer solutions to any issues which may arise. He liaises with you and with us to ensure a smooth system and co-ordinates all the tradespeople and sub-contractors, etc. All stages need to be signed off by council and certifiers so there is a lot of organization involved and it is crucial that this process flows smoothly and effectively. If this is not the case, you will have the carpet layers turning up while the painters are still painting, causing major confusion, possible arguments and delays which all add up to extra costs and charges. To avoid these potential pitfalls, Drake Home Consultants are here to oversee the whole project and liaise with all parties and tradespeople to create a stress free and enjoyable experience for you the client, the builder and our satisfaction comes from seeing you move in to your new home and love living in it.

Remember, our service at Drake Home Consultants is complimentary to you and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are paid by the builder once construction is under way.

We have house and land packages available for you to choose from in various areas and various budgets.

Consider the services of a building broker such as Drake Home Consultants to assist in these very important and life changing decisions. We can save you time, money and stress.


Drake Home Consultants  is a complimentary home building service and will give you the best chance of having your new home built with the least amount of stress, delays and unexpected extra costs. Master builders since 1959. 60 years of building experience at your service to realise the dream of building your home.

Drake Home Consultants can provide this service for you.

Have a look at our website – www.drakehomeconsultants.com.au – and make contact if your dream is to build your house in Australia.  We’ll be happy to give you all the information you need.

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