Eco Smart

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Contemporary and stylish with their high raked ceilings in the living/dining area providing extra air space to control the room temperature – an important energy saver.  This range was designed to appeal to those looking for a smart modern home. The designs are extremely flexible when using the Design App. For instance, our Core Design 001 is a one bedroom one bathroom home but, by choosing options in the application, you can increase the layout to include up to 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms yet still have it suit a narrow building site.  Many of the designs will suit being built either on a concrete slab with car accommodation at either end of the house or elevated to provide car parking underneath.

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Eco Colonial

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This collection provides the opportunity of choosing the much-loved Colonial style home with steep roofs providing extra air space, open verandas and French doors that shade your home.  These features are all very eco-friendly and provide comfortable living that many of our parents and grandparents enjoyed when air conditioning was not in common use. At the same time there is the convenience of a modern and open internal layout with ample cupboards and state of the art conveniences.

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Eco Multi


These modern, architecturally designed single and two storey plans include townhouses, duplexes, units and shared workers’ accommodation.  Narrow sites were taken into consideration when these plans were designed.

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Have a look at other designs we have available ranging from Contemporary open plan layouts through to Traditional brick builds and Federation-style homesteads. 

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