Some great news: we can now provide you with a Floor Plan with dimensions of your selected plan with the add-on changes you have created plus any additional alterations you have advised you want.

We will also provide a site plan so that the orientation or the mirror reversing of the plan is done to suit your lifestyle the energy efficiency and your favourite view if required.

We send you the plans when prepared and where convenient we will personally meet you on your building-site to give us a better idea of your requirements and make additional alterations you may require. The good news is that there is no up front design or consulting cost.

“The reason you are not charged is that it is fortunate that we receive our income by being evolved in the supply of certain building products and services. This takes place during the construction of your home”

Our free design service to you starts with providing the plan.

To qualify for this offer you need to have purchased or be in the process of purchasing your building site and also have your financial affairs in place to start building within 8 months.

We can assist you from this point right through until your home is completed and the keys are handed over to you. During the total process we assist you to stay in control. We will provide you with our program we have developed, and we know you will be impressed.

Should you at this stage not have a Building Site just continue and you will receive the core design you chose including the modular additional changes you added.