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Are you one of the many interstate potential buyers looking to relocate to Queensland?  The number of people from Victoria and NSW looking to move here is quite amazing although maybe not that surprising.  I mean, what’s not to like?  Great climate, great beaches and affordable properties (especially when compared to the southern states!).

But unless you have friends or family living in Queensland, it may not be that easy to work out where in this great state you want to move to.  Your budget as well as your lifestyle will largely determine what suits you best.

If you’re moving from a metropolitan area, you are likely to be wanting something similar in your relocation.  Therefore the areas within a 5-10km radius of Brisbane may suit you.  These are full of charming character homes and reasonably sized blocks.

There is of course a fair range of prices depending on where and how close to the city you are looking.  The further out you go, the more reasonable the prices usually are.  Although there are still areas that have that “prestige” tag and will attract higher prices.

The country – and that may mean the regions north and south as well as out west – have unique lifestyle opportunities that could be attractive.  Wide open spaces, larger blocks of land, a more laid back lifestyle, all offer alternatives to the more condensed style of living in a city or metropolitan area.

Do your research, work out what you have to spend, talk to family and friends who already live here and get a good grasp of what’s on offer.  Make sure you have someone local to look at any properties you’re considering – at the very least make sure your real estate agent is on side and co-operative.  Facetime and videos may not be the same as seeing a property first-hand, but better than just relying on photos on the internet.

Queensland is a great place to live.

We at Drake Home Consultants know and love Queensland, especially the south east corner and can act as your building broker.  If you’re interested in building a new home here in Queensland, give us a call on 1300 711 985 or email us at enquiries@drakehomeconsultants.com.au and let us explain how our consulting service can save you time, money and stress by getting you competitive quotes to build.  We are independent and work for you.  We’d love to hear from you.