You want to find the best way to build your new home. 

You’ve bought your land and are now wanting to find the right builder, build your home on the Sunshine Coast. 

Whether it’s to be your new home or an investment property, the choice of the builder is crucial.  There is so much that needs to be covered and getting it wrong can cost you time, money and stress.

So how do you go about finding the right builder to build your new home?  

Display villages are one way.  You wander through beautifully styled display homes nestled in their perfectly manicured grounds and can see yourself living in one of them.  You talk to one of the salesmen who man the display home and look at their designs and pricing and potentially sign up with one of them. Easy!

Builder sunshine coast


But there are pitfalls.  How do you know that the price you’re being asked to pay is the most competitive?  Will you get to deal personally with the builder or just salesmen or supervisors during the construction?Referrals or recommendations.  A good reputation is built on good work and referrals are definitely a great place to start.  But make sure that the “recommendations” you’re seeing are real and not manufactured or false. 



Speak to the builder themselves and see how they operate and make sure there are actually real clients behind the so-called recommendations. But is there a better way?  We think there is.


At Drake Home Consultants, we offer a different way and are convinced that the service we offer will ensure that you do save time and money and avoid the stress.  We offer 2 options – a tender process and our “fast track” option.


Option 1 Tender:  Providing choice and competition by using our building broker service.  We act as your personal building broker by:

  • meeting with you to discuss and determine your needs, budget and timeframe;
  • liaising with or putting you in touch with a financial lending broker to ensure you have a pre-approved budget, giving you certainty that what is being designed is within your financial capabilities;
  • organising quotes from all the service providers that are needed before a builder commences the construction of your home.  These quotes are provided to you so that you are fully informed and completely in control of each stage of the pre-build process which includes organising the drawing up of the initial concept design, working drawings, structural engineering plans, soil tests, private certification, town planning (if needed) and anything else required;
  • putting you in touch with colour and design consultants covering such things as wall and floor finishes and colours, all kitchen, bathroom and laundry fixtures and fittings, lighting, appliances, door styles, etc;
  • checking and re-checking that everything needed has been covered;
  • asking qualified and experienced builders to tender for the construction of your home.

This entire process means that the builders who are asked to tender have not had to do all this pre-build work themselves. 

This translates into time savings by the builders that mean cost savings for you. 

The builder knows that any job that they are successful in securing is ready to start – no hold ups or red tape to deal with.