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What’s the difference between Building brokers & builders?

A question often asked is “why use a building broker instead of going direct to a builder?” This is a very good question and once clients realize the reasons, the advantages and potential savings become obvious.  We at Drake Home Consultants are building brokers and our purpose is to help guide you through the pre-build process to get your dream home built.  We aim to provide you with the best experience possible. 

What is a Building Broker? 
Building brokers are specialists in the home construction industry.  They will work with you to understand your needs and wants, and will liaise with experienced designers and relevant service providers eventually leading to sourcing the perfect builder for your home.  By taking advantage of the independence a building broker provides, the client is given the best opportunity to save money, time and stress.

Time and Convenience
Time is precious to us all, and time is money.  The building broker is a one-stop consulting service.  They will assist you from the initial concept design through to pre-approval, before providing you with quotes from licenced and vetted builders.  You choose the builder that suits you, knowing that the tender process has given you the best chance of a realistic and competitive price.  By saving the builder time in having everything in place for building approval, they are saving money which can be passed on to the client.    

There are a number of steps in the building process, even before a builder gets on site.  A building broker co-ordinates all these steps – in consultation with the client – to ensure everything has been covered.  A number of service providers across each of these steps is asked to quote, ensuring competition and therefore potential savings for the client.  Choice is something you don’t get when going direct to a builder.  They will have their own preferred providers and you will rarely get the opportunity to query this.

There are a number of service providers needed in the process of building a home, even before the builder is contracted.  They each have a role to play and information to provide that finally leads to the building approval needed by the builder.  A broker will organise several quotes from each of these service providers, giving the client choice and competition and therefore potential savings, even during this pre-build stage.  We have no affiliation with any of them so can be impartial when providing advice.  A builder of course will have their preferred contacts and while they will certainly be qualified to provide the service, the client has no way of knowing if they could have received a more competitive price.  And of course there is often a builder’s margin added to these steps.

While Drake Home Consultants don’t build anything anymore, we are licenced builders with over 60 years’ experience in the building industry. We source experienced and local builders and ask them to tender on the job. Once we have all the documentation we need, several builders are then asked to tender on each build and each one will be given the same design and information. That way the client can assess the pricing that comes in based on direct comparisons. Drake Home Consultants are an independent corporation or group and we don’t have any specific affiliations with outside businesses, meaning that we have no obligations to any third party or their outside influences.

Support, Information & Guidance
Drake Home Consultants make no decisions on your behalf but help to clarify the quotes and information received throughout the process and make sure that you understand all the details so that you, the client, can make an informed decision on which service provider to use for each stage before finally making the important choice of which builder to use.  A builder will give you their own information so it won’t be independent and impartial, and often you won’t know that you actually have choices.

Individuality & Flexibility
The design and eventual layout of your new home is a very individual concept and often hard to achieve with a standard “project home” design.  While a builder’s design may appear to be priced competitively, there are often many extras that need to be added to the final contract price to take into account changes you might need to make to bring the design in line with your requirements.  

At Drake Home Consultants, we provide you with a selection of building designers who will sit down with you and bring your ideas to life so that when it comes time to build, you won’t need to make any changes that can prove costly.

There are all sorts of issues and dramas that can and do arise in a new build that may not be evident at the start.  A building broker can help you deal with potential problems early so that building isn’t held up and unexpected costs are avoided. These can include town planning issues, energy efficiency and site orientation for solar optimisation and correct procedures followed in an organised and professional and timely manner. A builder may not advise you of any issues and it could be too late to correct any problems, and potentially blow out your budget.

At every stage of the process, you are in the driver’s seat. While Drake Home Consultants provide choice, it is up to you to make the ultimate decisions on which service providers, and ultimately builder, to use. The choices may be made by price, availability, build time frame, reputation or any other factor that you as the client deem a priority of importance. We are here to guide and educate you and provide you with as much assistance as possible. 

Time Frame
By the time the builder is asked to quote on your job, the paperwork is already done and signed off, so the builder is able to hit the ground running. This saves time and therefore money, which is then passed on to you, the client. This could potentially lead to your build time frame being substantially less as the builder is ready to go with certified plans already in place. If you go direct to a builder, you are locked into their time frame which could potentially get extended.

No Extra Cost
Drake Home Consultants building broking service is free to our clients. We are paid by the builder for doing his part of the preliminary work before the building can even begin. Builders find this is a blessing as they are free to get on with what they do best, build. We take care of the paperwork which they mostly consider boring and mundane, so they enjoy the fact that we are able to present them with plans and approvals that they are ready to quote on and possibly start on.

Stress Free
Our service is complimentary to you, our client.  Drake Home Consultants are the building experts so let us take the stress out of turning your dream home into a reality.

Drake Home Consultants  is a complimentary home building service and will give you the best chance of having your new home built with the least amount of stress, delays and unexpected extra costs. Master builders since 1959. 60 years of building experience at your service to realise the dream of building your home.

Drake Home Consultants can provide this service for you.

Have a look at our website – www.drakehomeconsultants.com.au – and make contact if your dream is to build your house in Australia.  We’ll be happy to give you all the information you need.

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