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Why build a new home

There are so many advantages to building a new home.

Firstly, you have the chance to choose and modify a design to create the exact home you want which suits you and your family’s needs. You get to customise the plans and choose the exact fixtures and fittings you want which suit your style and budget. You get to choose the exact floorboards, carpet, taps and light fittings, etc. rather than buying an existing home and updating it later on to suit your taste and style.

Buying an existing home built for someone else is not going to suit your every need. It may be too small or not have a modern feel, or an open plan, or you may want to replace the carpet. When you go to renovate, this can often open a can of worms and you discover what the previous owners have or have not fixed. You could be surprised to find termites, or water damage or mould behind the walls which will blow out your renovation budget and you will wish you had built a brand, new home from scratch after all.

When you decide to build a home, all the choices are yours. This is what you pay for and you have the experts working with you to help you make the best decisions. You can make the rooms the size you want, the layout can be modern, open plan with combined lounge, dining and kitchen, complete with butler’s pantry and the windows and doors positioned exactly where you would like them, with bifold doors onto a deck or patio as large as you want, so that you can enjoy the indoors and outdoors as much as you want. Entertaining with ease can be factored into the design by creating spaces that flow and large areas for lots of people to mingle and dance. You can then decide to have a more intimate area, such as a media room for small family gatherings and movie nights with popcorn. So, you have the space and flow of an open design when you want it and the privacy when you need it. 

New modern home designs are generally more energy efficient than established homes, thanks to modern materials and updated systems. Better insulation and solar power options are the way of the future and are factored in to new builds to save costs and the environment.

 And building a brand, new home allows you to access a construction loan instead of a regular home loan. With a construction loan, you only pay the builders specific amounts at agreed stages during construction. And the bank only charges interest on the amount you have paid out. That can save on interest while your home is being built. Government incentives such as the First Home Owners Grant can also favour new builds over existing properties. Speak to your bank or financial advisor to get the full picture of what your personal options may be.

There are so many different families and we all have different needs, so to be able to have the finances from all your years of hard work to design your own perfect home with all the needs of the members of the family in mind, can only be described as a dream home come true.

By using a home building consultant, such as Drake Home Consultants, you can have the best of both worlds by also choosing the service providers, such as architects and engineers, as they are independent of the builder. The concept plans are then put out to tender to provide the best quote by creating competition between the builders. All the fixtures and fittings are quoted on and the difference in price can be thousands of dollars in your favour. Why not build your own perfect dream home to suit all your needs and enjoy living in it with your family for many years to come. 

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